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About Us



Hi, we’re glad you’re checking us out!


It’s really quite simple. We are committed to “everybody wins”. This means we are committed to every interaction or transaction benefitting all those involved. From interactions with customers to suppliers, we aim to be a blessing and contribute wherever we can. 


Backyard Pros Online was formed directly from real life experience with hot and cold therapies, and the power they have. Coming from the lived experience, we feel blessed to be able to spread health, wellbeing, vitality, and strength.


We are committed to high quality products, customer service that leaves you with a smile, and having a positive impact in the world . We would love be a part of your path to more vitality, well-being, and relaxation. We wish you a happy , healthy life. :) 


At Backyard Pros Online we live by 3 core company values.
We do the right thing.  Always.  We do business with the highest
standards of ethics and professional behavior.


We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships
in business and in life.  Strong and positive relationships are a big part
of what makes Backyard Pros Online different from other online stores.
Our customers, dealers and vendors are our top priority, period. Tending relationships is crucial.

Plain and simple, we are here for YOU, the customer.  Our goal is to
deliver the WOW factor in service.  We are committed to delivering a quality product with unmatched service along the way. 

From: Lucas Krenzin 


 I was in my thirties, my toes were numb, glutes clenched tight and every cough or sneeze would send me through the roof. I was having a lot of recurring issues from a broken back I sustained while racing motocross. I had accumulated a long list of injuries and things were really bad for me, so my quest began. I found Wim Hof, cold therapy, and my life was forever changed. I began doing beathwork and cold plunges regularly, some called me the Wim Hof disciple, and as my learning increased I added regular soaks in the sauna as well.  As a sabre fencing coach and competitor I needed frequent recovery soaks in both the hot and cold. I was amazed at my experience and couldn’t believe how much inflammation was flushed out of my body. I was sleeping better, had more consistent energy through the day, and was basically learning how to upregulate or downregulate my nervous system in alignment with my will. I noticed the discipline of getting in freezing cold water and the mindset required,  has developed an inner strength and power of will over my discomfort. I get the best results when I combine breathwork and meditation into my routine because when the cold shunts the blood to your organs it is highly oxygenated. 

I’ve used both saunas and cold plunges  as a recovery tool for post workout or competition.

Another way to use the hot and cold therapy is in a ceremony or group. As part of a men's group and rites of passage group we use these therapies as a tool for personal growth and development. If you're curious to hear more I have a blog specifically on this topic. 


So for whatever purpose you are here , we are grateful you're here and wish you a happy healthy life!