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Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber Serenity Barrel Sauna CTC2245MP

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Relax and unwind with the Dundalk Leisurecraft Serenity MP Barrel Sauna !

 Crafted by Dundalk Leisurecraft, a trusted name in quality craftsmanship, this barrel sauna is designed to create the ultimate soothing retreat. Step inside and let the Serenity MP Barrel Sauna transport you to a world of tranquility. With its sleek and timeless barrel-shaped design, this sauna effortlessly blends into any environment, be it a backyard oasis or a lakeside vacation home.

Why would I be interested in an outdoor barrel sauna from Dundalk Leisurecraft?

Constructed with the finest materials, the Dundalk Leisurecraft Serenity MP Barrel Sauna ensures durability and longevity. Equipped with a spacious interior, this sauna comfortably accommodates friends and family, providing a cozy atmosphere for unforgettable conversations or moments of solitude. The thoughtfully placed windows allow for natural light, creating an open and airy ambiance. Whether you seek a steamy escape from the stresses of everyday life or desire a cozy space to rejuvenate your body and mind, the Serenity MP Barrel Sauna delivers. Offering the perfect blend of functionality and style, this sauna is your ultimate indulgence. So, why wait? Immerse yourself in the Dundalk Leisurecraft Serenity MP Barrel Sauna and experience the rejuvenating power of heat therapy. Invest in your well-being and let the therapeutic warmth wash over you. Order the Serenity MP Barrel Sauna today and embark on a journey to wellness and serenity with Dundalk Leisurecraft.

This Canadian Timber Collection Sauna by Dundalk LeisureCraft is handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar that is lighter in color and has tight knots in the wood. The door is 5mm bronze tempered glass with wooden frame and pre-hung on the front wall for easy installation.


Front Porch

Front Porch

45cm Front Porch with benches included in with this model.

Eastern White Cedar

Eastern White Cedar

Sustainable Sourced Eastern White Cedar

Aluminum Bands

Aluminum Bands

Marine Grade Aluminum Bands with stainless steel bolts to tighten.

Flat Floor Included

Flat Floor Included

Flat Floor Included with Canadian Timber models.

Sturdy Bench

Sturdy Bench

Sturdy Bench Design for sitting up or laying down.

10 Proven Clinical Health Benefits of Sauna Use

1. Supercharge your cell power. Heat has been proven to positively impact your mitochondria, the ‘batteries’ powering your cells, helping your body naturally produce more energy and stay fit. 

2. Slow down Father Time (aka: aging!). Cell regeneration means you slow the aging process. And if you’re not quite convinced, check out the 20 year study of Finnish men that links two to three sauna sessions per week with a 23% decreased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. 

3. Detoxify heavy metals and chemicals. Everyday exposure to potentially toxic heavy metals through a variety of sources means even the most health conscious people still have toxins in the body. Regular sauna bathing helps excrete toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. 

4. Make your heart happy and healthy. A 2018 study found that sauna bathing four to seven times per week reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by as much as 58%. 

5. Reduce blood pressure. Sauna heat helps widen blood vessels and improve circulation, which reduces blood pressure. 

6. Optimize athletic performance. Blood flow improvements from hyperthermic conditioning (heat conditioning) sends more blood to the heart, leading to an increase in plasma and red blood cell volume. That process delivers more oxygen throughout the body, fueling athletic performance.

7. Improve muscle function and recovery. As more blood flow and oxygen is delivered throughout the body, muscles increase in size and muscle breakdown is diminished. One study showed that two, one-hour sauna sessions for seven days straight increases production of the human growth hormone (HGH) by two to five times. 

8. Fuel weight loss. Regular sauna use is shown to regulate the appetite, increase metabolism, and improve oxygen utilization, helping to fuel weight loss along with a reduction in body fat.

9. Boost brain function. The brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF increases with regular sauna use, activating the growth of new brain cells, better maintaining existing cells, and improving neuroplasticity, the brain’s process for forming new neural connections. 

10. Ignite your immune system. Heat exposure from sauna use increases the heat shock protein, stimulating antigen-presenting cells, along with releasing cytokine, thus stimulating the body’s natural immune system. 

11. BONUS BENEFIT: improve emotional health and mood. When your body and brain are healthy, detoxified, and destressed, and you’ve boosted endorphins, your overall mood and emotional health improves

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Dundalk Leisurecraft Canadian Timber Serenity MP Barrel Sauna CTC2245MP