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Dreampod Home Float FLEX Float Pod

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Get The Best Value With The Dreampod Home Float FLEX 

The Dreampod Home Float Flex is an innovative float tank designed for home use, incorporating advanced PVC-inflatable technology and supreme float pod hardware. The Home Pro Flex features an inflatable, reinforced tub design, utilizing the same technology found in modern stand-up paddle boards. Once inflated, the walls of the float tank become rigid, and the barrier of air within the walls acts as a natural insulator, keeping the water nice and warm. This combination of advanced PVC-inflatable technology and supreme float pod hardware aims to provide an affordable and convenient float therapy experience in the comfort of your own home.

Some Details on the Home Float FLEX Float Pod -

Both the Rectangle and Circle designs of the Home Pro Flex series feature a portable and inflatable construction. They both utilize the same inflatable technology found in modern stand up paddle boards. Once inflated, the walls become rigid and the barrier of air within the walls acts as a natural insulator, helping to keep the water warm. It's the perfect option for those looking for an affordable and reliable solution for daily, at home, floating. Choose the shape that resonates with you and embark on a journey of well-being with the Dreampod Home Pro Flex series. Experience the bliss of floatation therapy within the comfort of your own home. Embrace tranquility, recharge your senses, and discover the transformative power of floating with our inflatable float tanks.

The Dreampod Home Pro Flex series incorporates a state-of-the-art filtration system, ensuring a clean and hygienic floating environment. With advanced technology and meticulous design, the filtration system efficiently purifies the water within the float tank, removing impurities and maintaining optimal water quality. Relax and float with peace of mind, knowing that the Dreampod filtration system provides a refreshing and pristine floating experience.

Software Control - The Dreampod Home Pro Flex series is controlled via an easy to use wired remote control. You will be able to control how long you want to float, the temperature of the water, as well as run the chemical injector for sanitizing the solution.

What is a Dreampod Home Float Flex?-

The Dreampod is the most luxurious, full featured floatation tank in the market. It requires 500kilograms of epsom salt to get the solution just perfect for floating.

What was your inspiration in the design, and shape of the Dreampod  Home Float Flex?-

Our vision was to create something that would be visually stimulating, eliminating any type of intimidation to beginner floaters. Based on our research and experience, we believe the floatation tanks MUST be inviting and welcoming as a rule of thumb. This will allow beginner floaters to feel most relaxed, increasing the chance of them returning for future floats. The Dreampod offers all aspects of comfort and safety in mind.

What is the maintenance of the isolation tank like?-

It is very easy to clean around the motors and the pods. For the pump, just remove the engine box, and clean around the components with a damp cloth, soaked in warm water. Besides for this, you will need to change a filter bag once or twice per month, depending on how busy the Dreampod is. You will also need to add salt once per month, again, depending on how busy that tank is. Other than that, regular morning maintenance of wiping the tank down and getting it ready for business.

My float tank was defective. What do I do?-

If your Dreampod float pod or ice bath experiences any damage or malfunction, please contact our support team. We are committed to providing prompt assistance and will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours on regular working days.

Check out this relatively short movie made by “CBS This Morning” that goes into floating and its impact on the brain. Coming in at just over 6 minutes, we found it to be a good watch and quite informative. Did you know that the average smart phone user scrolls trough 300ft of mobile content per day? That is nearly 100 meters. Let John Dickerson explain how floating can replace the daily barrage of interruptions and notifications with blissful ‘nothingness’.

Featured in the video, entrepreneur McKenzie explains how floating multiple times per week keeps him more focused. He says “The Nothingness that forces you to ‘decompress’ is revitalizing” and has opened up his mind to more business ideas. Justin Feinstein, a researcher and regular speaker at our beloved Float Conference shares a few words about how floating impacts people with anxiety disorders and PTSD.