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The Polar Plunge Tub

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Why cold therapy ? To see an increase in your energy, vitality, and performance with a cold plunge tub !

 Boost your mood and Immerse yourself in the chilling waters of the Polar Plunge Tub to discover a multitude of health benefits that cold exposure provides. Cold plunges have been embraced by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and wellness seekers for centuries due to their potential positive effects on the body and mind.
Some of the well-documented health benefits of cold exposure include:

1. Enhanced Muscle Recovery: The cold temperature stimulates blood flow and helps reduce inflammation, aiding in the recovery of tired and overworked muscles.

2. Improved Circulation: Cold plunges support efficient blood circulation, which can help with overall cardiovascular health and reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

3. Boosted Immune System: Exposure to cold temperatures triggers the body's natural response mechanisms, potentially strengthening the immune system and increasing resistance to illness.

4. Heightened Metabolism: Cold exposure may assist in boosting metabolic rates, leading to potential weight loss and increased energy expenditure.

5. Increased Mental Alertness: The shock of cold water activates the sympathetic nervous system, promoting clarity, focus, and mental alertness.

The Polar Plunge Tub is the perfect size for partial or full submerge cold plunge therapy and can be used inside or outside your home. This aluminum lined cold plunge tub comes with an easy to use floor drain and optional roll up cover to keep the ice water clean from debris. Boost your energy with this cold plunge tub that has white cedar skirting around the outside to compliment your Canadian Timber Sauna.

The Polar Recovery Tub CT362PP Specs.

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