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Saunas -  Muscle Gains, Increased Strength and Endurance

Saunas - Muscle Gains, Increased Strength and Endurance

 Saunas -  Muscle Gains, Increased Strength and Endurance

Saunas have been around for thousands of years with many people touting the health benefits of getting in the heat. It has only been in recent years that researchers have more evidence of sauna's effect on strength, endurance, muscle growth and performance of athletes. 

Saunas and Muscle Growth

The sauna triggers the secretion of hormones, some similar to changes induced in any  stressful situation and others characteristic of exposure to the sauna. The concentrations of the growth hormone and prolactin, in particular, secreted from the anterior pituitary are increased in the circulation. The concentration of the immuno-reactive beta-endorphin in blood may also increase which may reflect the feeling of pleasure or discomfort induced by the sauna. 

If you're familiar with weight training and the physiological benefits of lifting weights then you probably know what growth hormone (GH) is. Growth hormone plays a crucial part in muscle gains, better sleep quality, and can even reduce fat.

The improved circulation and blood supply aid in muscle growth by getting nutrients effectively to the muscles after a strenuous workout. While we know that good sleep and strength training can elevate your GH levels, some research has shown that two twenty minute sessions a week in the sauna can double your GH levels!

Can Saunas Improve Endurance?

It’s easy to see how saunas can improve one's ability to tolerate the heat but what is the effect on endurance? Many studies have shown regular soaks in the sauna help one's body acclimate and tolerate heat. One published study on six male runners by  The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that the point to exhaustion was increased by 32% after three weeks of twelve thirty minute sauna sessions compared to the control group. There is a suggested correlation given the blood volume and plasma volume increased among the saun users. Regular sauna use boosts the cardiovascular system, particularly the capillary system, which drastically improves blood flow, nutrient delivery , and oxygen to cells. 

Most recent studies by Sosanna Soeberg show that maximum health benefits are achieved with about three fifteen minute sessions a week. 

If you are an athlete or competitor, regular sauna use can elevate your performance, aid in muscle recovery,  give your cardiovascular system a boost, and increase your endurance.  

Feel free to reach out to our friendly team at any time if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat. Blessed be. 

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